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Remove Wrinkles Area Rug

Removing the Wrinkle in Your Area Rug

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remove wrinkles area rug

Removing the Wrinkle in Your Area Rug
Area rugs can be a beautiful focal point to any room. Often though, there is a mysterious unsightly wrinkles that appears in your rug taking away from its appeal and even causing a trip hazard. Many times you can pull the wrinkles out of your area rug with little effort only to find it reappear in a few hours. If you love your rug, but hate your wrinkles this is an article for you! There are a couple methods to remove wrinkles area rug.
First, try to remove the wrinkles in your area rug with items in your home. Pull the area rug flat. This often takes more than one person to accomplish especially if the area rug is large or the wrinkles in the area rug are big or in the center. Once you have your area rug completely flat, use heavy items such as encyclopedias (you knew you kept them in storage for something) or free weights to hold the edges of the area rug in place. Do not walk on the area rug or move the area rug for at least 24 to 48 hours. It is also a good idea to put the heaviest object you can find on the spot where the wrinkles were in the area rug. After a day or two, remove the heavy objects and see if the wrinkles have disappeared. If they have not, it is time to try something else.
Usually a very stubborn wrinkle in your area rug is caused by a manufacturer’s defect. Something went awry when the area rug was being made causing some of the threads to either be too long or too short making it very difficult to remove wrinkles area rug. The defect may have been virtually unnoticeable for quite some time, but as the area rug is walked on and moved, the problem may surface as a wrinkle. Stretching the area rug is your best solution.
Carpet stretchers are available at most any retail store that sells carpeting and area rugs. These devices stretch the woven strands to help correct any defects and allow the carpet to lie flat. You can also choose to take your area rug to a carpet store and let them stretch it for you. Carpet stretchers used by professional installers are sometimes more effective and you have the peace of mind that your area rug is being stretched by an expert. Carpet stretching devices and services can be quite expensive, but typically they are much cheaper than purchasing a new area rug. Also if you choose to purchase a carpet stretcher, it can be reused indefinitely on other area rugs in your home and can even be used when installing carpeting. The device can be used on all of your area rugs to prevent unwanted wrinkles from appearing in the future.
Most people love their area rugs and don’t want to get rid of them because of a stubborn wrinkle. With a little work you don’t have to ditch your rug or just tolerate that tenacious wrinkle! Whether with heavy books or a tool built for that purpose, you can remove wrinkles area rug allowing it to again be one of your favorite decorating accents.

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